“Success is dependent on choosing a core strategy and then focusing ruthlessly on implementing it.”

Tucker/Hall Chairman Tom Hall, Ruthless Focus

For 30 years, businesses, individuals and organizations of all kinds have turned to Tucker/Hall to help them grow their business, manage a crisis situation, or advance a particular agenda. Over the years, the firm has grown to become one of the leading public relations and public affairs firms in Florida and the Southeast.

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Tucker/Hall PR Blog

A Plan Is Better Than Hope

You can’t hope your way out of a hurricane. Neither can you hope yourself out of a pandemic, civil unrest, a failure of your company’s quality assurance protocols or an unexpected leadership team change. However, you can make plans. This might seem like common sense. But if it is, then…

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Tucker/Hall’s tips for Florida’s trucking companies

We were pleased to join the Florida Trucking Association for their spring conference in April to talk with their members about the nature of social media, and why it poses a particular risk for the trucking industry.   There are some best practices for using social media no matter what industry you are in, but after decades of working with transportation and logistics companies throughout Florida, we know it is…

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