That was the original vision that spawned Tucker/Hall in 1990. Founders Jeff Tucker and Tom Hall had strong and well-placed networks of business contacts throughout Florida in major corporations, inside state government, and throughout the nonprofit community. Jeff Tucker was a veteran business reporter, editor, and publisher. Tom Hall had grown a small advertising agency into one of the South’s biggest and best-known marketing companies before the two joined forces to start Tucker/Hall.

Today, Tucker/Hall is one of the oldest, largest, and most respected independent public relations and public affairs firms in Florida.

Shortly after the firm was founded, other senior counselors joined. Today, the Tucker/Hall business model continues to attract a cadre of interesting people with diverse backgrounds and deep experience in government relations, branding and corporate positioning, issues campaigns, and reputation management. Together, we are continuing to build one of Florida’s strongest and most diverse consulting practices offering the deep experience of seasoned counselors while remaining politically nonpartisan. This is increasingly important as the state of Florida has become one of the nation’s most politically important and culturally diverse marketplaces.

Tucker/Hall’s history may be rooted deep in Florida, but our assignments and the management teams we work with are scattered far and wide. Our practice has taken us to many states and other countries; but while our ranks may have grown, our core values have never changed and our vision has remained clear.

At Tucker/Hall, senior counselors still provide senior managers with seasoned advice. It is a big part of what sets us apart, and it is what makes Tucker/Hall your best choice for value-added public relations and public affairs assignments anywhere in the world you may be doing business.