The brand of a company is more than just a logo, it is the heart and soul of a company. Your brand needs to be reflected in every company interaction, whether with customers, investors, or employees. From your marketing materials to your website, visual identity, and company culture, your brand should be a consistent representation of your firm’s values and best qualities. Tucker/Hall’s brand management practice guides you through creating a coherent and compelling brand, then aligning the rest of the firm with it in concept and practice.

We at Tucker/Hall are experts in developing and maintaining brands, and we can help you devise new and more effective ways to market your unique brand to an ever-shifting, ever-widening marketplace. We can help you clearly and effectively communicate the attributes of your company to all your audiences.

One way to creatively build and manage a brand is through experiential marketing, in which potential and future customers have a positive experience with a brand. This type of experience can increase the level of involvement for a customer by giving them the opportunity to directly interact with a product or service under your brand. This can be a free sample stand or a creative event. Either way, the experience needs to project the important qualities of your company and brand. This firsthand, positive experience works towards building stronger brand loyalty. Tucker/Hall has used this technique with many of our clients with very successful results.

For almost 30 years, Tucker/Hall has helped top companies distill their identities and create an aligned strategic vision for presenting themselves publicly and privately.

If you have questions about brand management and how Tucker/Hall can help your company, please contact Darren Richards at (813) 228-0652 ext. 1116, or via email at