Statewide Stay-at-Home Order In Effect 

Governor DeSantis’ statewide stay-at-home order is in effect as of 12:01AM this morning. Essential businesses can remain operational. Essential activities are also allowed to continue, like dog walking, recreational activities, and religious services. The Governor’s Office has reportedly confirmed that golf is included as an essential activity under the order. A second executive order signed by DeSantis overrides stricter restrictions enacted by local governments, though his words in a press conference yesterday caused some confusion as to whether local governments can implement restrictions beyond state measures

Hillsborough County Issues Guidelines for Religious Services 

Hillsborough County’s Joint Information Center released guidelines for places of worship after Governor DeSantis’ order included religious services as essential activities. Under the statewide order, no limit of the number of attendees or social distancing measures are required for religious services. The county guidelines recommend online gatherings, limiting gatherings to 10 people, allowing 6 feet of space between people, and staying home whenever possible.  

First Confirmed Cases at TIA 

Tampa International Airport has confirmed its first cases of COVID-19 among staff. Three workers tested positive, though there did not seem to be a connection between the cases. The airport has taken steps to protect their personnel and travelers, including disinfecting the areas where the workers had been and working at the direction of the Florida Department of Health. 

Governor DeSantis Suspends Foreclosures and Evictions 

Governor DeSantis has suspended foreclosures and evictions throughout the state for 45 days. The relief is “targeted and temporary” and does not remove the obligation to make regular mortgage and rent payments. He has also directed the Department of Economic Opportunity to work to improve the DEO Reemployment Assistance Program.  

Expectations for an Active 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season 

For the fifth consecutive year, predictions suggest a “busier than average” hurricane season. The forecast projects 16 tropical storms, 8 hurricanes, and 4 major hurricanes (exceeding the average of 12 tropical storms, 6 hurricanes, and 3 major hurricanes).  

Emergency Filing to Release ICE Detainees  

The ACLU of Louisiana and Southern Poverty Law Center have filed an emergency motion for preliminary injunction to pressure the federal administration to speed up the release of certain migrants from detention facilities. The groups argue that the crowding in ICE facilities and limited supply of PPE puts the people detained there at increased risk of a coronavirus outbreak. “Many of them are eligible for release,” said Bruce Hamilton, attorney for the ACLU of Louisiana. “We want to see people released who can be released.” A hearing is scheduled for April 9. 

Updated Numbers  

There are now 9,585 cases throughout the state and 163 deaths. In Hillsborough County, there are 440 cases and 5 deaths. For updated data, visit: