A Guide to Google Search Ranking Systems

Google has launched a centralized page called A guide to Google Search ranking systems,  making learning about the backend of search and algorithms easier. This new page joins others Google added this year related to their search algorithm systems. Here's a recap of the helpful…


5 Twitter Updates You Need To Know

In case you missed them, here are five updates Twitter has made that have nothing to do with the blue checkmark. #hashtags may no longer be clickable. (9to5) A new feature may allow you to turn off mentions for your username. (Blog) New Audio Chats…

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Darren Richards, chief operating officer, Tucker/Hall

Tampa’s Propeller Club Names Darren Richards as President

Tampa, Florida – The Propeller Club - Port of Tampa has announced its new leadership for the 2022-2023 program year. Darren Richards, the Chief Operating Officer of Tucker/Hall, one of the state’s largest Strategic Communications firms, has been named the group’s new President. “I’m honored…


The Value of “Good Data” for Communicators

The word "data" is often thrown around in business settings conveying a desire for solid judgment, urgency, or innovation. However, without thoughtful collection, analysis, and review, data really isn’t much help. Especially when dealing with complex and unpredictable topics like communications, it’s important to understand where data can…


Making Improvements in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

The events of 2020 painfully revealed how much work lies before our society to make the concepts of diversity, equity, and inclusion, often abbreviated as DEI, a reality in our workplaces and other community institutions. Your team can make tangible progress toward these goals in 2021 by prioritizing them in the strategic planning that takes place as the new year unfolds. Here are three ways to start improving DEI in your…