You are currently viewing Getting Media Attention Without a News Release

Many folks believe that if you write a good news release and send it to a number of reporters, the media will pick the story up immediately and write a glowing article about your firm.

While this could happen, it’s highly unlikely for a number of reasons. Sometimes the ‘news’ in your news release isn’t that compelling, or reporters are overloaded with other, more pressing assignments. Regardless, in today’s digital environment, you have many different ways to share what’s happening at your company.

Below are some ideas you can try right now:

Start a blog. A blog is a great way to educate consumers about your company, and it can help you be seen by the media and others as an industry expert. Once you start writing effective blog posts that start to get attention, media outlets and reporters will notice. The key is to write on a regular basis on items that are newsworthy and important. In some circumstances, a good blog could be turned into a news release that can be sent directly to the media, but make sure the blog is truly newsworthy or provocative.

Write an editorial about news in your industry. When important developments happen in your industry, consider writing about them. For example, if the results of an industry study are released, provide your perspective on the study and explain what it means. This kind of writing can establish you as a thought leader positioning you as someone reporters would consider reaching out to for comment.

Taking this a step further, you could write news releases with your perspective on particular topics and send them to key reporters. This may or may not generate media coverage immediately, but it will continue to position you as someone reporters could call on as an industry expert.

Write a human interest story about a member of the company. These types of stories typically focus on an individual’s journey in overcoming hardship. Human interest stories can provide a more personal perspective on your company and the work you do. This could be an article about the company founder, or a charitable organization your company is involved with.

This type of narrative can bring your brand to life and get readers wanting more.