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With so many marketing options available today, it can almost be paralyzing trying to decide what approach might work best for your company.

One type of marketing that’s taken hold recently is called “Empowerment Marketing.” This type of marketing is designed to create a sense that the consumer, by buying the product that is being advertised, is making a positive change in either his or her own life or in the world.

Below are some recent examples of effective empowerment marketing.


Activa, a purveyor of probiotic yogurts and other health foods has been marketing its products under the positioning line, “it starts inside.” The idea behind this campaign is to encourage women to achieve their fullest potential by rising above any voices they may have of self-doubt. Because this is a problem for so many women, the campaign hit home and Activa has prospered.


Similarly, the social networking and idea-sharing site Pinterest challenged potential users to imagine “what if?” The idea is everyone has the potential for greatness if only they follow their dreams, and not be discouraged by self-doubt or skepticism. Again, this spoke to many people and allowed the site to grow an audience that’s more than 30 percent of the world’s population, not including China.


Sports clothing empire Nike set the standard for empowerment marking many years ago with “just do it.” Today, their new campaign inspires you to “find your greatness” in the same way that many prominent athletes have. By encouraging each individual to work hard and be their best, they are furthering the Nike brand one person at a time.

You too can develop a meaningful and successful empowerment marketing plan and we at Tucker/Hall are here to help with professional insights and management.