Education Consulting and Communications 

It’s often said that “communications is key.” While this is true in every industry, it’s especially true in education where there are multiple stakeholders, lots of information to share, differing opinions, and the highest of stakes: the education of our children and young adults. 

Tucker/Hall has worked in educational settings of all shapes and sizes to ensure communications is clear, concise, and moves the organization forward in a strategic and positive way.  

We have experience in public education (K-12), private schools, charter schools, parochial schools and higher education—both public and private. 

Strategic Communications 

No matter what type of educational institution, Tucker/Hall can provide a strategic perspective that helps organizations think differently. 

Several times, our firm has been hired to completely re-design a communications department for an educational institution. The reasons why are varied. Perhaps the department was set up years ago and needs to be re-imagined for today’s dynamic, new communications environment. Or maybe budget constraints have forced an organization to be more efficient in communications with a reduced number of staffing. No matter the challenge, we take a strategic approach that ensures you are always focused on achieving your goals. 

For one recent assignment, we conducted a full communications audit, interviewed nearly 50 stakeholders, looked at the communications of peer organizations, and then developed a brand new strategic communications plan for this institution. This plan gave them a strategic approach, and the tools, tactics and timeline that helped them communicate more efficiently, more strategically, and ultimately more effectively. 

Crisis Management 

In any school setting, an emergency or crisis is not a matter of when but if. And Tucker/Hall has helped educational institutions navigate matters both big and small.  

Without a doubt, school shootings are the worst-case scenario for any school, and every school needs to be ready. Our firm can help with crisis planning, crisis prep, crisis drills, and support during a crisis. We have been with our clients during the worst of the worst. In addition, many of our senior managers have gone through the FEMA Incident Command certification, and have been further credentialed by the Institute for Crisis Management. 

Recently, a client of ours had an issue where a student passed away tragically at school. Clearly, it was important that school leaders quickly communicate what happened, why, and what they were going to do to keep it from happening again. We worked with leadership to help them doing the right thing for this student and his family and communicate appropriately to all interested parties. With our help, this institution managed the situation well, made important systemic changes, and were able to effectively navigate a difficult situation. 

Issues Management 

Because of education’s importance to a community, virtually everyone is interested, and everyone definitely has an opinion. As a result, educational institutions must engage the public in an open dialogue about almost everything. Tucker/Hall counselors have expertise in helping facilitate these conversations where public opinion can affect an organizational outcome. 

We’ve managed public hearings, charettes, community listening sessions, interactive online meetings, etc. We have also worked on successful campaigns to help get public ballot initiatives approved by voters. Our issues management team includes former senior executives who have worked in the highest levels of government. 

Regardless of your organization’s educational needs, Tucker/Hall has the experts who can help. Please reach out to Chief Operating Officer Darren Richards to start a discussion. Email is or call at 813-228-0652 ext. 1116.