The demand for energy, especially new and renewable sources of energy, continues to grow and evolve. With over 30 years of experience, our professionals at Tucker/Hall can help you develop your energy strategy, meet your goals, navigate any crisis, and develop and deploy your digital plan to successfully meet this demand.

Energy Strategy:

The energy industry in the United States comes with distinct challenges—an aging infrastructure and a greater focus on the shift from fossil fuels—and energy companies need to have set plans to ensure their prospects have a positive outcome.

At Tucker/Hall, we can provide senior-level assistance and consulting on how to formulate a plan that will help your company strengthen and grow for years to come.

Energy Crisis:

The energy business can be a dangerous one, so your company needs to have a deep understanding of where you could be at risk and be prepared with a plan.

Some risks include:

  • Dependence on Imports
  • Infrastructure Constraints
  • Natural Disasters
  • Financial Crisis
  • Technological Issues
  • Resource Depletion
  • Terrorism

Having a crisis response plan is one of the most important guardrails you can have to help you navigate and minimize the damage of a crisis. It’s essential to be prepared to address your customers and the public quickly about the ramifications of the crisis and what it will mean in terms of your continued service.

Once your crisis has been effectively addressed during its initial phase you can begin to plan for recovery. Being flexible and understanding your customers’ needs moving forward will create a positive outlook on your business and grant you more grace.

Our counselors can inventory and audit your organization’s vulnerability and develop a crisis communications plan to make sure you’re ready if a crisis ever hits. We are trained to help you manage an issue or an event in ways that minimize its effect on your company, your reputation, your employees, and your customers.

Energy Digital:

Energy digital communications is an aspect of your business that is invaluable whether in a time of crisis or just to communicate a simple message. Energy, being such a crucial aspect of our lives, requires a responsibility to communicate quickly and effectively and the best way to distribute this information is digitally.

At Tucker/Hall we have the expertise to address all your digital media needs and do so at the highest level. Our experienced consultants have the ability to navigate challenges and guide them to successful resolutions using research, innovative thinking, conventional media techniques, and community engagement strategies.

Energy Issues:

Energy companies engage with the public and private sectors through a multifaceted approach that involves collaboration, negotiation, and compliance. These companies recognize the pivotal role governments play in shaping energy policies, regulations, and initiatives. To navigate this intricate landscape, energy companies establish strategic partnerships with government bodies to ensure their operations align with existing regulations and future energy goals.

At Tucker/Hall our senior staff has years of employing advanced research, media interaction, and public engagement tactics to assist our clients in navigating regulatory bodies, elected representatives, governmental decision-makers, and vested interest parties. Our expertise lies in the realm of Public Affairs for top-tier Florida enterprises, Government Relations, Public Engagement, Methodical Research, Qualitative and Quantitative Research methodologies, Nationwide Concerns, as well as Matters of Public Interest.

If you need professional advice managing an energy crisis, Tucker/Hall is highly experienced in managing many types of crises. Our firm has been in business for nearly 30 years and our counselors have decades of experience handling complex and daunting crises. If you would like to learn more about the services we provide, please contact Darren Richards at 813.228.0652 or via email at