Environmental Crisis Management

Public concerns about the environment have been growing in recent years.  Consumers have access to all kinds of environmental data – including live media and environmental reports on corporate sustainability. Entities like Greenpeace, B Corporation and Fair Trade provide consumers with information that help them make purchasing decisions. With this increasing interest in environmental issues, you need to be prepared in case an environmental crisis affects your business.

Identify potential threats before they happen.

If an environmental crisis ever occurs, you want to have a plan prepared so you can act as quickly as possible. Team members and other stakeholders should work together to identify potential threats before they occur. Once the threats are identified, you can start to develop your crisis communications plan.

Know the issue before you respond.

Each person or group inside your organization should have a seat at the table to help you understand the issues involved in any crisis.  All disciplines should be represented – operations, legal, human resources, communications, risk management.  This team can help provide a clear understanding what might happen, why, and what you can do to fix it.

Admit the mistake and identify the areas you will improve.

Once you have a clear understanding of the problem at hand, and have developed a comprehensive examination of your actions, you can often mitigate the crisis with an apology. Taking responsibility can help relieve you from public outrage, as long as you provide a clear action plan for improvement. Evaluating your decision and using it as a learning opportunity to improve policy or better inform the public can help improve your public image and allow you to return to business as usual.

Tucker/Hall helps companies develop environmental crisis management plans based on our experience and holistic approach to communications. We have worked with major corporations during some of the biggest environmental crises in the past 30 years. Our team can help you develop a communications strategy, implement best practices for environmental crises mitigation, and provide you with access to highly trusted advisors on our staff. Tucker/Hall builds its reputation on trust, consistency, and a long history of ethical business communications – let us help you do the same. Connect with Darren Richards at 813.228.0652 or via email at drichards@tuckerhall.com to learn how you can take the next steps with Tucker/Hall.