Our Tucker/Hall communications professionals have deep experience to help build your financial strategy, navigate any financial crisis, and develop and deploy your financial-related digital plan. With over thirty years of experience, our firm has seen and dealt with all manner of financial issues. In addition, several of our counselors bring decades of experience as financial journalists.  Our focus of strategic planning can assist you when communicating with your shareholders, customers, employees and regulators. 

Our wealth of experience paired with cutting-edge resources enable us to address any financial needs you or your company may have. Feel free to contact John Finotti at 904-356-5006 or via email at to learn more about our services and how to begin a relationship with Tucker/Hall.  

Financial Strategy   

We at Tucker/Hall can develop strategies that effectively communicate to your targeted audiences, whether they are shareholders, regulators, customers or employees. Whether it’s earnings reports, preparation for IPOs or investor presentations, Tucker/Hall can help your company achieve its goals. We’ll work closely with you to develop and implement winning strategies.   

Tucker/Hall specializes in guiding senior executives through complex reputation, growth, and crisis issues. For more than 24 years, we have helped major brands through mergers and acquisitions, lawsuits, organizational conflict and changeover, labor and employee issues, workplace violence situations, product launches, environmental disasters, new competition, disruptive markets, accidents, and lawsuits. We have built our business on tackling the most challenging problems any organization can face.    

Financial Crisis  

Trying to manage a financial crisis can be overwhelming and extremely difficult to navigate. That’s why it pays to be prepared. Prevention is ideal and requires one to be able to identify symptoms associated with a financial crisis, which can include impacts from a market crash, an issue with cash flow, or some kind of financial malfeasance.  

Tucker/Hall is uniquely qualified to help you establish a plan for managing a possible financial crisis. Your plan should address the chain of communication in a crisis situation, establish tasks and responsibilities for the crisis management team, and determine a process and an order of priorities for varying scenarios. The first step in dealing with a crisis situation is to be sure that all key parties are aware of what happened, and they have all possible relevant information. Once all key participants, including crisis management team members are informed, you can begin to implement the plan.  

Financial Digital  

In this hyper-fast and crowded digital environment, it is ever more important to have the right digital plan in place for your organization’s communications requirements. 

We specialize in: Digital Strategy, Digital Crisis, Digital Public Affairs, Cybersecurity Communications Website Audits, Social Media Evaluation and Management, SEO, Digital Advertising, Online Reputation Analysis and Management (ORM), and Brand Analysis and Management and can tailor any plan to augment your strategy and help you meet your reputation and customer goals.   

Financial Issues  

Tucker/Hall has experience developing campaigns to help educate and build consensus on issues of importance to the financial industry. Our senior consultants can define and manage an issue into a successful outcome by applying research, creativity, traditional media approaches, and community relations strategies.  

Highly regulated financial companies frequently need help bridging the gap between public- and private-sector interests. Tucker/Hall has a proven track record of using elite research, media relations, and public involvement strategies to help our clients deal with regulatory agencies, elected officials, government policymakers, and concerned interest groups. We specialize in Public Affairs, Government Relations, Public Involvement, Research Methodology, Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, National Issues, and Public Issues.