Tucker/Hall has deep experience representing government agencies, from municipalities and police departments to independent authorities and special taxing districts. We are particularly cognizant of navigating in Florida with our very broad open records laws. Our seasoned consultants can work with you to develop your communications strategy, handle any crisis, and develop and deploy your digital campaign. With over 30 years of experience, we can assist you with public affairs and issues.  Feel free to contact John Finotti at 904.356.5006 or via email at to learn more about our services and how to begin a relationship with Tucker/Hall.  

Government Strategy   

Government entities have unique needs when it comes to communicating with your constituents and other government agencies. Tucker/Hall will work with you to build a customized strategy that helps you achieve your strategic goals.  

Tucker/Hall specializes in guiding senior executives through complex reputation, growth, and crisis issues. For more than 30 years, we have helped major brands through mergers and acquisitions, lawsuits, organizational conflict and changeover, labor and employee issues, workplace violence situations, product launches, environmental disasters, new competition, disruptive markets, accidents, and lawsuits.  

Government Crisis 

How a government agency handles public health issues, cybersecurity matters, natural disasters, or scandals can make or break the reputation of the organization and its leadership. The possible crises that can hit a government are many. While preventing these sorts of events is ideal, it is not always possible. The best practice is to have a plan in place to handle the crisis before it happens. Tucker/Hall is ready to help you prepare a government crisis communications plan. 

At the core of managing a government crisis is cooperation between government departments. It is imperative that methods for communicating across the organization are set in place, and that everyone is in the know when a crisis hits. By having a strong communication network in between departments, you can better ensure that all aspects of the crisis are addressed, and responsibilities can be delegated efficiently. 

Government Digital  

Digital communications strategies are just as important for government agencies these days as they are for private industry. Tucker/Hall can help craft the right digital plan for organization that complements your agency’s overall communications strategy.  

We specialize in: Digital Strategy, Digital Crisis, Digital Public Affairs, Cybersecurity Communications Website Audits, Social Media Evaluation and Management, SEO, Digital Advertising, Online Reputation Analysis and Management (ORM), and Brand Analysis and Management and can tailor any plan to augment your strategy and help you meet your reputation and customer goals.   

Government Issues  

Tucker/Hall has unparalleled experience developing public affairs campaigns for government agencies. Our senior consultants can build campaigns to educate and build consensus on issues of importance to government agencies. Our senior consultants use a range of research, creativity, traditional media approaches, and community relations strategies.  

Tucker/Hall has a proven track record of using elite research, media relations, and public involvement strategies to help our clients deal with regulatory agencies, elected officials, government policymakers, and concerned interest groups