Legal Expertise 

Our communications consultants at Tucker/Hall have always enjoyed partnering with lawyers. While lawyers are your advocates in the court of law, our team of expert communicators can be your advocates in the court of public opinion.  

Whether it’s a litigation battle, sharing a significant legal victory or success story, pushing back on an incorrect characterization in traditional or social media, growing your business, or raising your profile – Tucker/Hall can help. 

Litigation Support 

One of the primary ways we work with lawyers is through litigation support. Battles in court can often capture intense public attention. Of course, the legal team’s goal is to win in court. But sometimes, you need communications support to manage the conversation outside the courtroom. 

Tucker/Hall consultants are sensitive to the legal constraints you face when you’re in the middle of litigation. Of course, you can’t say anything that damages your legal case, but there are times when you need to clarify matters publicly. Our seasoned communicators work closely with lawyers and their clients to craft public statements that share your perspective without harming your legal case. 

In addition, as media relations experts, we can help make sure reporters have updated filings and official statements from the legal team so their reporting is fair and accurate.  

Success Stories 

Once the legal battle is over, it might be necessary to proactively share your victory in court with your various stakeholders, like your employees, partners, lenders, regulators, business leaders, and the broader community. Tucker/Hall can help create a post-verdict “communications cascade” to distribute your news directly to these different groups to make sure they understand what happened, what it means to your organization, and what it means to them. 

We can also help manage the post-verdict media relations. For example, a well-crafted news release might be distributed to a media list or placed on the wire, a full-blown news conference, or an exclusive interview with an influential media outlet.  

Raising your Firm’s profile 

Tucker/Hall can also help lawyers and law firms raise their profile.  

We can sit down with your essential practice group leaders and develop lists of story ideas for blogs, videos, or media pitches. These ideas would be strategically selected to match the Firm’s overall goals.  

For example, if you’re looking to grow your land-use practice, we would create stories about previous cases where the work of your attorneys helped bring a project to a successful and profitable conclusion. 

Business Development 

No matter how busy a law firm is, it would be best to constantly look for new business and growth opportunities. Tucker/Hall understands the nuance of strategically targeting business development efforts as a professional service firm ourselves. Working with your marketing team and your leadership team, we can identify the best way for you to connect with those who might need your services. This could come in the form of sponsorships, creating “must attend” events, community board seat recommendations, speaking opportunities at essential conferences, pro bono work, social media and targeted digital advertising, or even traditional advertising. 

There is no “one size fits all” answer to developing new business. That’s why the strategic focus of our Firm is so essential. We help you identify the best possible way to reach your target audiences and get you the kind of results you expect. 

If you’d like to learn more, please reach out to Darren Richards, chief operating officer, for a consultation. You can call at 813-228-0652 ext. 1116, or email at