One of the most important industries to our national economy is maritime. Companies in this industry drive millions and millions of dollars in economic impact into their local communities. They are also critical to keeping the national supply chain moving along efficiently.

Tucker/Hall has worked with maritime clients of all types: Shipyards, shipping agents, cruise lines, fuel providers, terminal operators, manufacturers, port authorities, and on and on. We know this industry well. In fact, several of our senior executives have taken on volunteer leadership roles with maritime advocacy groups.

Strategically Growing Your Business

When it comes to growing a maritime business, you need a targeted approach. A typical marketing agency will probably not understand that, and you’ll end up spinning your wheels (and wasting money) on campaigns that might get you some nice vanity metrics, but very few new clients.

Tucker/Hall understands the value of targeted communications in the maritime industry. One well written article placed in an important industry trade might be more effective in driving new business than a digital advertising campaign that hits tens of thousands of people.

In every case, our consultants work closely with clients to come up with the right communications strategy, messaging, tactics and timing to help companies achieve their strategic objectives.

Navigating a Crisis

In the maritime industry, where the work is often risky and dangerous, companies need to be prepared for a crisis. Some of our maritime clients handle hazardous materials every day, so the risk for a large industrial accident is there. For these types of clients, we prepare:

  • Crisis plans that help them during the crisis
  • Crisis drills that test the crisis plans
  • Quarterly reviews to ensure the crisis plan is up to date
  • And media and message training to ensure trustworthy communications during a crisis

But not every organization is prepared for a crisis, and sometimes the unexpected happens. We often receive phone calls while the crisis rages and we immediately jump in to work side-by-side with the C-suite to help them through the incident. Tucker/Hall counselors have the experience and training to help you achieve the best possible outcome in the worst of circumstances. Several of our senior executives have received FEMA Incident Command certification, and have also been credentialed by the Institute for Crisis Management.

Public Involvement

Tucker/Hall’s home state of Florida is surrounded on three sides by water – so we live, work and play on these local waterways. People here are fiercely protective of the environment and those who work in the maritime industry know that and must be good public stewards of these waters.

Tucker/Hall can help facilitate conversations with the public around sensitive issues like wetlands mitigation or other environmental issues.

Maritime businesses can also get public pushback as they look to expand their companies because the work is often dangerous and dirty. We can help with public education campaigns as you consider expansions to ensure the public knows what your company is doing – as well as what it’s not doing.

All of this speaks to the need to be engaged with your neighbors, local elected officials, regulators and business leaders so they know who you are and what you do well before any issues arise. Tucker/Hall has created programs big and small to help companies do just that.

In Conclusion

If you’re in the maritime industry and you think you need better communications – whether its to help your company grow, manage a crisis, or work through a public issue – Tucker/Hall would like to talk to you.

Please reach out to Chief Operating Officer Darren Richards via email at or by phone at 813.228.0752 ext. 1116.