Before “Coronavirus” became a household term, Tucker/Hall in February of 2020 sent its first alert to clients that an unusual situation was emerging in China, as the government was locking down neighborhoods to contain a yet-unnamed illness, and odds were rising that the disruption would reach across the ocean to our economy.

Since then, COVID has upended every aspect of the global economy. How organizations react and adapt to this pandemic has been a work in progress that redefined each month. One pillar of stability amid this storm has been the importance of making solid strategic decisions that incorporate communications with all important audiences: Boards, regulators, investors, staff, the media, customers and so on.

We know that organizations with this strategic mindset deliver stronger ROI in the mid-term and long-term than other companies, and they are more resilient over easy times and difficult times.

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Pandemic Strategy

Organizations survive and benefit from well thought out strategic plans. Such plans help everyone understand the objective, their role in it and the expectations at hand. They empower people to act quickly and thoroughly. We frequently help corporations, non-profits and individuals craft and implement strategic plans. These can include high-level messaging, as well as granular tactics of who will communicate with whom, how often, what messages they will deliver and how feedback is processed for the benefit of everyone involved.

Pandemic Crisis

We define a crisis as an internal or external event that threatens to disrupt an organization’s ability to fulfill its mission in the short or long term. While bad actors do exist in some cases, the vast majority of crises develop from the statistical law that “If something can happen, odds are it will.” Organizations that survive and thrive amid a crisis prepare and practice in advance, and they adapt on the fly as circumstances warrant. We frequently support organizations large and small prepare for, and navigate through such turbulent phases to reach a new level of success.

Pandemic Issues

The COVID-19 pandemic has reached a new phase of hyper-politization where competing camps vigorously use this disruption as fuel to advocate for their particular agenda. This frequently leaves organizations and leaders in the middle of a fraught crossfire with shrinking options to satisfy all your important constituents. Issues management is more than “playing politics.” It involves managing any situation where public opinion can affect the outcome of your efforts. Our team of professionals has helped clients navigate through some of the most public issues imaginable. For instance, helping to restore confidence in Florida’s beaches and seafood industry after the Deepwater Horizon explosion, helping property owners win vital zoning rulings, helping medical organizations navigate dicey political waters and more.

Pandemic Digital

To many people, you are who Google says you are. This can be a double-edged sword because the power of digital platforms can be a force for good as well as bad. What a company does and who it is perceived to be is increasingly defined online and all with lightning speed. Our team of professionals is deeply skilled in the digital realm, including tools of measurement, influence, promotion, brand management, content creation and more. These tools can be immensely powerful to help your organization succeed and reach a new level.