Real Estate

For 30 years, Tucker/Hall has been involved in the development of real estate in Florida. Our company’s own founders have personally developed successful commercial properties, and we bring that experience and expertise to help our clients build their dreams.

At any given moment, Tucker/Hall professionals are involved in projects across the region worth several hundred million dollars apiece. This includes luxury condominium and hotel towers, master-planned communities, mixed use and boutique properties. Our work spans the entire life cycle of a development: Site location, pre-transaction planning, closing, brand development, digital strategy, project announcements, supporting the sales team, celebrating milestones and through certificate of occupancy.

Contact Richard Mullins at or 813-992-8139 to discuss ways we can work together to reach your goals and read on to learn more ways Tucker/Hall approaches pandemics and other major disruptions.

Real Estate Strategy

Successful projects tend to emerge from solid strategic plans, and we have helped a range of developers craft and execute such plans. We can help craft a project’s character and define target buyers. We can draft a cohesive plan that lays out – month to month – activities among Realtors, marketers, project managers and more.

Real Estate Crisis

Development and construction projects tend to be magnets for emergent situations, whether that’s an unexpected permit or zoning change mid-way through a project, or even vandalism on a construction site. (And we have helped with those cases.) There are ways to prepare for a crisis to mitigate its impact, including preparing potential scenarios, drafting messages and specific steps team members will take. If handled well, the reputation of a developer is enhanced as opposed to diminished.

Real Estate Issues

Few events will catalyze the public to rally around a cause than a new real estate project next door. We have vast experience helping support developers through City Council and County Commission hearings, presentations, votes and approvals. We have been involved in some of the region’s highest profile government approvals, HOA disputes, including alcohol permitting, right of way issues, public infrastructure plans and more.

Real Estate Digital

Savvy developers plan digital campaigns well in advance of a public debut to define a project’s character and style, as well as set the framework to engage with the public. Conversely, we find digital realms such as social media become the playing field where outsiders seek to define a project and rally neighbors and activists. We have deep experience in tracking such activities and turning the tide in a client’s favor in ways that enhance their reputation for the long term.