Key Coronavirus Resources

There are numerous sources of excellent, science-based information for your reference. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention’s website is packed with valuable information to help you. We consider this site one of the best resources for the information needed to prepare, prevent and mitigate the effects of COVID-19. Guidelines to help keep the workforce safe, tips to protect yourself, the latest updates, and how to prepare are among the resources on the site.

The CDC also offers several free communication resources in multiple languages for organizations, including handouts and posters, videos and guidelines for public health communicators.

If your organization is international in scope, the World Health Organization is another excellent source of science-backed information.

Key media outlets like The New York Times have made their COVID-19 articles and data available free of charge. You can sign up for a daily update newsletter to stay abreast of COVID-19 news.

For those interested in the virus’s implications for the workplace, the Wall Street Journal published a useful article titled “The Coronavirus and Your Job: What the Boss Can—and Can’t—Make You Do”.

Tampa area residents can use Visit Tampa Bay’s COVID-19 resources page, which includes good information on local closures, food, and legal updates.

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