Managing a national crisis matter typically requires a much more skilled communications approach than a crisis at a local level. National issues will often attract more intense media attention, with a news cycle that is never-ending. You can’t prevent all crises from hitting your organization, but you can prepare for how you will react if something bad does happen.

In a national crisis matter, your company or organization’s message can be interpreted differently in different parts of the country. A national communications plan helps you think through and plan for this dynamic. The facts you share will remain constant from region to region, but perhaps the way the message is delivered to be different in one part of the country.

Tucker/Hall provides research-driven communications plans around national issues and develops public involvement and media strategies to engage your key audiences. Our customized and targeted campaigns, with custom digital content, can ensure you effectively communicate your messages.  We can also help you identify and work with industry influencers to share and amplify your messages.

We use both traditional and digital public relations tactics to reach the highest percentage of your target audience possible. Many people, when searching for information on national news, look online first, then search out to traditional media outlets such as local TV and the local newspaper. Tucker/Hall offers specialized digital media campaigns to encourage people to look to your first as a resource for information about national issues regarding your company.

National issues are virtually impossible to tackle without the help of a trusted consultant and public relations partner. The professionals at Tucker/Hall have worked with many nationally recognized companies and organizations to represent them in the national media. Our multimodal approach to research and campaign development provides the best approach to reputation management in the public eye.

Contact Tucker/Hall today for a consultation. We are happy to work with you and learn more about your public relations goals and efforts.