How you communicate during a crisis can define how you and your company are perceived.

From the earliest minutes of an unexpected event – an accident, natural disaster, lawsuit, workplace violence – how you react has a direct impact on your employees, your customers and your firm’s long-term reputation. Tucker/Hall provides crisis support before, during, and after – helping you anticipate and plan for risk, manage ongoing crises, and repair your reputation afterward.

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Crisis Management

Public scrutiny that arises from a significant disruption leaves no room for error. A mishandled crisis can have a disastrous impact on your company and may have lingering effects that may hurt employee morale, erode corporate culture and offer competitors an opportunity to increase market share at your expense.

Tucker/Hall senior counselors are accredited by the Institute for Crisis Management and have been further trained at the Harvard-MIT Program on Negotiation. We emphasize strategies that will help your company emerge from a crisis with its reputation intact.

When a crisis interrupts your business, Tucker/Hall counselors are trained to help you manage an issue or an event in ways that minimize its effect on your company, your reputation, your employees and your customers.

Crisis Planning and Audits

Tucker/Hall counselors can inventory and audit your organization’s vulnerability and develop a crisis communications plan to make sure you’re ready if a crisis ever hits.  Our process starts with one-on-one interviews with senior management and field representatives, and typically involves site inspections of critical operations. Our consultants will then produce for you a detailed audit and a crisis communications plan.

Our crisis management plans involve training a spokesperson or persons to deal with the media and other stakeholders during a crisis. We are comfortable working with senior management to establish reporting relationships within your organization, and support fast-changing legal and communication strategies. We’ll also provide counsel on proper disclosure of news and information, and we will help oversee all media inquiries during the crisis.

Litigation Preparation and Support

Litigation can be complex and may have long-lasting ramifications. Tucker/Hall has extensive experience working in teams with litigators in preparation for high-profile lawsuits. Remember: Even if you win in a court of law, you may lose in the court of public opinion. Tucker/Hall will work seamlessly with your legal team to ensure that your position is supported by a strong communications strategy.

Stress Tests and Crisis Planning Drills

Once you have a crisis communications plan in place, we can work with you to identify and train a crisis team through a ‘stress test’.

These are realistic, but stressful, table-top exercises to put your crisis communications plan and team through a test – to see how the organization would respond in a real crisis.  We then produce a post-drill report that makes recommendations in how to adjust your plan so you can better respond in the future.

Cybersecurity, Hacking, and Cyber Crisis Events

We have helped hospitals, banks and financial institutions, and other large institutions deal with technology crisis situations of all types. We have an experienced team ready to help your team plan, prepare, respond and recover from cyber penetration events, data theft, digital fraud, and other cyber attacks through strategic planning, tactical communications, and reputation management. We work with your leadership, the media, security consultants, and law enforcement representatives to guide your organization to help make the best of a potentially disastrous situation. Please read our capability document to learn more about the types of cybersecurity communications services we provide.