Digital communications should complement and integrate seamlessly with all aspects of your organization’s communications—but these media are evolving so rapidly that it’s difficult to understand which tactics will be effective for you.


Thousands of consultants promote a “one size fits all” digital strategy.  Often, these approaches fit poorly with complex communications environments and often substitute “fan and follower counts” for real return-on-investment insights.

We specialize in helping organizations maintain a strategic perspective of their digital assets and communications, from research to outreach, engagement to measurement. We help organizations balance and extract value from their vendors and online activity, build feasible implementation and growth plans, and grow organically from small successes into organizational strengths. Our philosophy is that of constant evolution and refinement; experiment, measure, retain what works best and repeat.


Offerings can include Dark sites, viral crisis training / simulations, custom alerts and monitoring systems, multimodal executive emergency notification tools, backgrounding and profiling, online reputation remediation, negative SEO (search engine optimization) repair strategies, regulated and high-sensitivity industry SEO strategies, online media relations.


Offerings include voter engagement systems, electronic town halls, SMS campaigns, community and influencer (social terrain) mapping, grassroots and netroots campaigns, online community building.


Tucker/Hall can help you manage a cybersecurity event, to minimize any harm a breach may do to your credibility and public image. Working with you, we plan in advance for potential cybersecurity crises. We ensure your plan is up-to-date and robust.

Tools include: Planning, Training, Scenario Testing, Event Communications, and Reputation Repair


  • Social media mapping and asset evaluation – Where are your potential customers talking and what are they reading? Who are the influencers in your market? Where will your message be heard the loudest?
  • Monitoring, custom alerts and feeds – Tucker/Hall regularly implements sophisticated platforms, dashboards, and proprietary technologies to help our clients track online conversations of their brand, receive targeted alerts based on changes in their marketspace, and custom feeds and email reports of brand, competitor or industry coverage in local news media, blogs, and forums.
  • Website audits – How does your company’s website benchmark relative to corporate interface standards, how does the interface perform for accessibility and message delivery and brand consistency? Is your site benchmarking its performance and converting traffic into leads and leads into conversions? What are customers’ traffic flow patterns on your website? Is the content search-friendly, engaging, and contain regularly updated dynamic content and visuals?
  • SEO positioning evaluation – How “findable” is your company relative to its market and competition? Where are links, referrals and traffic originating from? What recommendations can be made to improve its positioning through organic growth and paid marketing, article and directory submissions?
  • Digital ads – What insights can inexpensive, targeted ad campaign variants give us regarding our targeted messages and visuals? Digital ads are efficient tools for market testing and traffic generation; you only pay for results, and you can “laser target” specific communities, interests, activities, occupations, and even companies.
  • Brand association and perception analysis – Based on how your brand is cited on blogs, news, and social networking sites, what do people associate with your brand? What is your market share relative to other firms in your space?