Breaches in cybersecurity can become a pivotal public relations issue for your company or organization, if not properly managed and communicated to various audiences, including the public. A strategic communications plan should be integrated into your cybersecurity efforts to protect the long-term reputation of your organization.

A solid cybersecurity communications strategy will include data breach response preparations, staff and executive training for handling the situation, scenario testing and planning, and a crisis communication plan to manage the issue and get back to business as usual.

Tucker/Hall can help you manage a cybersecurity event, to minimize any harm a breach may do to your credibility and public image. Working with you, we plan in advance for potential cybersecurity crises. We ensure your plan is up-to-date and robust.

Our cybersecurity communications services include:

Planning – Before a cybersecurity or data breach ever occurs, we prepare plans to minimize risk and provide valuable communications tools to help you manage the attack. Our planning process includes a review of your current cyber-security efforts, potential risks, your communications infrastructure, escalation procedures, a communications matrix, and many more tools that will help you manage a cyber event.

Training – Department staff and executives need proper training on how to handle a cybersecurity threat and implement the cybersecurity plan. Tucker/Hall will train your team so they are ready if your organization suffers a cyber event.

Stress Test – One of the most effective ways to test your plan is to develop a scenario and test it in a simulated environment. We call it a ‘stress test’. Tucker/Hall executives work with you to develop the cyber breach scenario, and then test your plan with the appropriate members of your team.  After the stress test is complete, we provide feedback and update your cyber communications plan based on what was learned in the drill.

Event Communications – If a cybersecurity breach occurs, Tucker/Hall is a phone call away and will even come on-site to work with your staff to manage the event. Our goal during any crisis event is to focus on communications efforts that will improve the long-term reputation of your company.

Reputation Repair – After the cybersecurity breach, we will work with your team to communicate what you’ve done to keep this from happening again. This means communicating with all your audiences, which will likely include your customers, internal staff, regulators, lawmakers, and the media. It’s important you keep all your stakeholders informed, so they know how you are addressing the issue.

If you have any questions about how Tucker/Hall can help to improve your digital strategy please feel free to reach out to Theresa Collington at 813-228-0652 ext. 1118 or