Website Audits

Search engine marketing and high quality website development are a part of every successful marketing and public relations campaign.Tucker/Hall encourages clients to create digital PR plans proactively, starting with an SEO and technical audit of their websites. A site’s functionality and content will determine whether it will display on the target audience’s search engine results pages.

We perform technical audits. Our web development specialists will conduct a thorough search for technical errors on every page of your website. We look for broken links, page errors, page element errors and other technical problems that might cause site visitors to leave or prevent them from reaching valuable content. We can then offer solutions to fix these issues and create a better user experience for site visitors.

We perform SEO audits. SEO specialists will look at how your site is currently indexing in all major search engines, and offer solutions to raise your rankings. The areas we audit include:

  • Quality and quantity of keyword-focused and branded content
  • Meta data accuracy and effectiveness
  • Compare competitors’ sites for ways to improve your own
  • Areas that could cause search engine ranking penalties
  • Negative SEO and attack sites that could be causing issues with search engine ranking

We provide traffic and backlink analytics. To see how your site is gaining traffic and backlinks from other sites, we do a thorough evaluation of your site’s reporting metrics. We will provide a comprehensive analysis of your site’s user traffic and backlinks you’ve earned from reputable sites, as well as the backlinks from sites that could negatively affect your SEO.

Penalty and Recovery Audits. Every website has errors and issues that need correction, but most don’t realize these errors until a user reports them. Our technical and SEO audits will provide you with the most up-to-date information to see where your site may be receiving penalties in its SERP (search engine results page) position. We will then work with your team on a recovery plan to fix errors and rebuild your site ranking.

Tucker/Hall’s team of SEO and web specialists will work with you to understand your web audit results, and build a better campaign to attract the right visitors. A stellar website is the #1 way to engage fans, customers and followers in an increasing digitally focused world.