Tucker/Hall’s consultants will discern your unique needs and work closely with you to develop and implement your strategy. When you work with Tucker/Hall, you benefit from our expertise in all areas of communications, which means you can focus on growing your business.


Business to business transactions, or B2B, are quickly becoming one of the most important ways to grow your company, especially in the e-commerce sector. Tucker/Hall consultants help your business firmly establish itself in the marketplace, develop targeted strategies for attracting and establishing new B2B clients, create new and effective action plans and protocols for each new client your business takes on, and ensure that all communications are clear and effective.

Management Consulting

Tucker/Hall specializes in guiding senior executives through complex issues of reputation, growth, and crisis. For more than 24 years, we have helped major brands through mergers and acquisitions, lawsuits, organizational conflict and changeover, labor and employee issues, workplace violence situations, product launches, environmental disasters, new competition, and disruptive markets. Our business is built on tackling the toughest situations any organization can face. Our consultants have experience building strategy, identifying best practices and trends, and giving leaders the tools to strengthen and grow their business.

Brand Management

Corporate brand development involves more than designing a good logo. The process also requires imbuing the symbol with the values and attributes you want customers, investors, and employees to associate with your company. Over 27 years, we’ve helped companies build enduring, powerful brands around which to build their overarching strategy.

Marketing Strategy

Our counselors offer creative business solutions based on solid research. We develop strategy and competitive positioning to advance your brand, support product sales, and define your identity to set your business apart from competitors. Tucker/Hall will analyze your existing approach to marketing and help you fortify your strengths and fix your weaknesses. This may involve repositioning your brand, communicating with new audiences or with current customers in new ways, and launching new products or services. We can help your company create or modify target-selective business plans that make a significant impact on corporate culture.

Communication Audits

When engaged to improve corporate communications, Tucker/Hall consultants will first conduct a communications audit of your company. These communications audits will comprehensively assess the efficiency and effectiveness with which members of your company communicate, both within and among departments, and with customers and other stakeholders. In conducting these audits, our counselors will be able to see how your company is perceived by its target audiences, both internal and external, and in turn come up with communication strategies to optimize clarity and unity of message.

Media Relations

Tucker/Hall’s media relations services get you the right kind of attention: stories, interviews, and mentions. We help your business meet its communications and business objectives through targeted media strategies that connect to the appropriate outlets. In addition, our training gives your team the tools, tactics, and confidence needed to interact effectively with the media; every session is led by a former media executive.

Corporate Communications

Our consultants use strong communications strategies to add value to your organization while sharpening your competitive edge. That’s why we are often hired to advise CEO’s and other senior managers as they engage in strategic planning that involves one or more forms of communications. To support your business plan, your mission and your firm’s marketing and communications strategies, our account service teams may use many of the following tools.

New Product Launches

Every day, hundreds of companies launch thousands of new products – most fail. Tucker/Hall can help you build brand awareness and customer loyalty with successful launch events. We base all our services on experience and sound data. No matter what you’re trying to launch, we’ll survey the landscape, collect information, and advise you on the best methods and timing for your release.

Experiential Marketing

Our experts have experience creating innovative, interactive customer experiences for some of the largest US brands. Experiential marketing is the cost-effective tactic for creating buzz, referrals, and exposure to your products and services within key demographics, groups, and market segments.

Strategic Planning

Research shows that most strategic planning activity has very little impact on organizational performance, and fails to create resources for navigating uncertain and changing environments. Not ours. Tucker/Hall brings objective external insight, feedback from your customers, intelligence about your competitors, and understanding of key technology and marketplace trends to help your company focus on the goals and activities that will minimize risk and maximize success.