Tucker/Hall is the top public affairs management team for Florida corporations and non-governmental organizations. We create high-impact strategies to bolster your company’s public image, working with you to proactively tie private and public interests together while protecting your brand from miscommunication.

Our dedicated team does what’s necessary to understand your challenges beyond the superficial. We research the issues at hand, factor in current trends, and develop a plan that enables you to navigate your complex situation without damaging your reputation.

Public affairs issues can cause financial, operational, and reputational problems that can hurt your organization in both the short and long term. At Tucker/Hall, we believe those impacts can be mitigated, if not always avoided, with a well-developed public affairs strategy.

When working on a public affairs issue, we typically ask:

  • What are the practices, policies, or products that are causing concern in the public or with your stakeholders?
  • What type of evidence does the public have that provokes their concerns?
  • How is the media treating the issue?
  • Are there any underlying issues that we are exacerbating? Can we put our practice, policy, or product issue into context?
  • If a company decision is causing the problem, what are the tradeoffs involved in abandoning the practice, policy, or product?

Based on these questions and many more, Tucker/Hall will work with your executive team to create a strategic plan that is actionable and measurable. This plan could include media relations, developing grassroots and “grasstops” strategies to reach the public, or a direct-to-consumer model that shares your perspective with various targeted audiences.

Once a plan is created and approved, we typically start with public education. Without the facts, the public (including the media) can form unfounded opinions that damage your cause. Tucker/Hall will help you develop tactics to disseminate information and ultimately gain support from your stakeholders.

Tucker/Hall works with Florida’s top companies to help them manage their complicated communications challenges. Contact Keith Rupp at (813) 228-0652 ext. 108 or at to learn more about developing a public affairs strategy for your company or organization.