Bridging the gap between public and private interest can put a heavy burden on a company or organization. Competing agendas, political issues, and other factors can create conflict and misunderstandings that can harm your business. The best way to address public issues is to develop and execute a well-strategized public relations and communications plan.

A thorough analysis of the risks and impacts of a potential issue should be conducted before taking any action. This analysis should include a review of your audiences, what concerns they have, and messages that will need to be created.

An issues campaign usually includes both a traditional media strategy and digital media strategy to ensure your message is properly delivered to your target audiences. Recent media usage surveys show most people go to their laptops, phones, and tablets to look for news and information about important public issues. Through various digital channels, you have the opportunity to communicate directly with the public. You want to have a strong digital presence so when key stakeholders look for information about a particular issue, they find your perspective. In addition, you will need to stay aware of what else audiences are searching for and reading online so you can be prepared to respond to or counter any information that is misleading or incorrect.

Messages that are created to manage an issue need to be clear and easy to understand. You also need to ensure these messages will resonate with your target audiences. But this all needs to be part of an overall plan which will include strategy, tactics, timelines, and scenarios. Having a seasoned public relations and public affairs team at your side can help you properly manage any issues that arise.

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