Quality public relations campaigns typically begin with a definition of the target audience. A holistic approach to this includes not only demographic information and statistics but also an in-depth, qualitative view that gives insight into your target audience’s thoughts and motivations, which numbers alone can’t provide. Tucker/Hall believes this qualitative research—as a companion to quantitative measurements—can help your organization with its communications needs.

Qualitative research takes time and resources, but it can provide valuable insight and help ensure your company makes proper decisions. Qualitative findings act as an explainer to statistics and industry trends; while numbers can tell you what is happening, qualitative data can tell you why. At Tucker/Hall, we believe giving clients a complete data picture helps them make more informed decisions.


Structured interviews. Tucker/Hall associates conduct interviews with executives in the industry and representatives of target demographics to provide a full range of qualitative information. We want to know how others in the field are making their decisions, and how to best reach individuals with a captivating public image and message.

Internal research. We interview members from all levels of your organization to identify the present company culture and internal values. We look at the corporate structure and the attitudes of employees from all departments to improve internal communications. This also helps us to understand the consumer experience.

Media/communications audits. We evaluate your current marketing materials, past public relations efforts, internal branding, and media messaging. Through this qualitative analysis, we will be able to determine if your public and internal brand image match the interests of your target audience based on their interviews and ethnographic research results. It’s often a much-needed reality check as well; many firms don’t realize that how they think they portray themselves isn’t how their message comes across externally.

Ethnography and guerilla research. We visit trade show events, observe customer interactions, and conduct secret shopper research on your competitors to determine how your customers interact with others in your market. This provides you with tools to improve the customer experience and draw more people to choose you over others in the industry.

Influencer lists. To reach more of your target audience, you must create a strong reputation in the eyes of major industry influencers. Tucker/Hall connects you to thought leaders that can captivate your audience and publicly endorse you as a trusted industry resource.

To learn more about Tucker/Hall’s qualitative research methodology, contact Darren Richards at (813) 228-0652 ext. 1116 or at drichards@tuckerhall.com.