Ever feel like your company’s strategic planning has stagnated?

Corporate strategy is ideally supposed to solidify a company’s overall strategic direction — to maximize growth and achieve business objectives.  But all too often, companies will get bogged down in the strategic planning process, straying into a corporate comfort zone of weakly defined objectives and too-narrow focus points.

Based on research by the Harvard Business Review, here are some indicators that your organization is “stuck in the strategy comfort zone”:

  • You have a large corporate strategic planning group.
  • In addition to profit, your most important performance metrics are cost- and capabilities-based.
  • Strategy is presented to the board by your strategic planning staff.
  • Board members insist on proof that the strategy will succeed before approving it.
  • Your key metrics do not include customer satisfaction or market share.

Tucker/Hall is a team of highly qualified consultants who specialize in the development and implementation of unique corporate strategic plans that are tailored specifically to your company.

Many corporate strategies, when viewed objectively, are often merely visions – not actual plans. Companies can fall into the trap of hiring larger strategic planning departments than they need, to appease board members who insist on the total viability of a strategic plan before allowing it to proceed. Risks come with any business, and strategic plans will always have to be adapted to fit the ever-shifting shape and direction of a company. The requirement that a strategic plan be proven foolproof prior to approval by the board shifts their focus away from concrete steps to be taken and towards more abstract concept. We can help you eliminate vague, conceptual language from your strategic plan and build a concrete, well-informed set of goals with matching tactics.

To better serve your company, we can assist members of your strategic planning team in broadening their focus on which performance metrics best suit your long-term vision with practical applications.

Our experts at Tucker/Hall can give you an objective assessment of your strategic planning process that is only possible from an external point of view, along with in-depth research and analysis of your competitors, up-to-date information on market trends and vital technologies, and detailed customer feedback.

If you have any questions about how Tucker/Hall can help your company with strategic planning, please contact Darren Richards at (813) 228-0652 ext. 1116, or via email at