Economic Outlook 

Forecasts for national economic recovery continue to develop. Hopes for the speedy implementation of a COVID-19 vaccine may not be a reality.   

6/2/20 | Global stocks rise on economic rebound optimism 

6/2/20 The US economy could take nearly a decade to recover from the coronavirus pandemic, according to the CBO 

6/1/20 | A State-By-State Guide To Reopening America 

5/28/20 | This Is How Deeply the Coronavirus Changed Our Behavior 

5/27/20| ‘Superforecasters’ Say a Covid-19 Vaccine Is Still a Ways Off 

Business News 

Following several weeks of confusion and concerns about the repayment of loans, the popularity of the Small Business Administration’s Payment Protection Program seems to be waning. Businesses around the country continue to work on safely reopening 

6/2/20 | Thanks, but no thanks. Are small businesses losing interest in SBA PPP loans?  

6/1/20 | Here Are 10 Actions You Can Take To Promote Racial Justice In The Workplace  

6/1/20 | Fed-backed Main Street Lending program preparing to launch 

6/1/20 | Answers to Your 3 Top Questions About Facemasks in the Workplace  

5/29/20 | Temperature checks and desk shields: CDC suggests big changes to offices 

5/29/20 | PPP Reform: Better Terms, More Flexibility, but No Panacea 

Local Updates 

COVID-19 cases continue to increase as total positive cases in Florida exceed 55,000. Universities develop reopening plans. Data shows that the tourism industry has taken a major hit.  

6/2/20 | Second COVID-19 Wave Expected After Regulations Relax And Protests Continue 

6/2/20 | Florida ranks among top in U.S. with highest increase in unemployment since coronavirus 

6/1/20 | Florida coronavirus cases jump by 667 Monday 

6/1/20 COVID-19 slashes Florida tourism numbers 

6/1/20 | Gov. DeSantis extends moratorium on Florida evictions and foreclosures until July 1 

5/31/20 | How coronavirus is spreading in Florida 

5/30/20 | Florida passes 2,500 coronavirus deaths and 55,000 positive cases 

5/29/20 | As Florida relaxes COVID restrictions, many still choose to stay at home 

5/28/20 | Reopening Florida universities will take ‘shared responsibility,’ education leaders say 

5/27/20 | Florida’s hurricane season collides with coronavirus 


A selection of helpful strategic resources from the Tampa Bay Business Journal and Bloomberg on how to navigate through this pandemic economy.  

5/31/20 | 5 tips for safely reopening your office 

5/29/20 | 5 tips for finding new clients 

5/28/20 | How to host a virtual networking event 

5/27/20 | How Small Businesses Can Soften the Blow of Bankruptcy 

Numbers as of End-of-Day 6/2/20 

There have now been 57,447 cases throughout the state of Florida and 2,530 deaths.  

Totals by county: 

Duval: 1,660 cases and 51 deaths 

Hillsborough: 2,285 cases and 81 deaths 

Orange: 2,048 cases and 41 deaths 

Manatee: 1,074 cases and 98 deaths 

Pasco: 394 cases and 15 deaths 

Pinellas: 1,335 cases and 90 deaths 

Polk: 1,053 cases and 58 deaths 

Sarasota: 647 cases and 80 deaths 

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