Economic Outlook 

The US has officially entered a recession. Some see signs of improvement, while others believe alternative indicators are needed to accurately evaluate this pandemic economy. 

6/9/20 The US labor market is recovering ‘at a healthy pace’ so far in June, Fed study shows 

6/9/20 | People are getting in planes: The travel business is picking up 

6/9/20 | The US recession is confirmed. Now what? 

6/9/20 Economists are hunting for alternative indicators of recovery 

6/8/20 | US stocks erase all losses for the year 

6/5/20 | Tenants’ troubles put stress on commercial real estate 

6/5/20 | Economic strain persists even as businesses reopen 

Business News 

Updates have been made to the SBA’s PPP and the Federal Reserve’s MSLP. A second stimulus package is seeming more unlikely. 

6/9/20 | The Fed expands Main Street Lending Program again to reach more small businesses 

6/9/20 | As many as 25,000 US stores may close in 2020, mostly malls 

6/8/20 | Fed faces tricky balancing act in recession response 

6/8/20 | IRS warns on COVID-19 scams involving stimulus checks, fake cures & more 

6/8/20 | Republicans resist calls for big stimulus package 

6/8/20 | The $600 federal unemployment boost is set to end July 31. Here’s what happens next 

6/8/20 | Not everything about the SBA’s PPP has changed. Here are 6 things to know.  

6/8/20 | COVID-19 has given businesses a push to make changes 

Local Updates 

Florida has officially entered “Phase 2” of its reopening as positive cases continue to rise.  

6/9/20 | Coronavirus Increase In Phase 2 For Pinellas County: Health Dept. 

6/9/20 | Coronavirus cases growing by more than 1,000 a day as testing ramps up 

6/9/20 Florida vacation rental regulations are ‘confusing’ for owners, customers 

6/8/20 | Four hours in, city small business grant program runs out of money 

6/5/20 | Economic impact of loss of tourism due to COVID-19 

6/5/20 | Phase 2 begins in Florida: What is opened, what is closed, and what is next 

6/5/20 | Jacksonville hotels continue recovery, see 1.3% growth over previous week  

6/4/20 Here’s how Hillsborough County is using its coronavirus relief funding to help businesses 

6/3/20 | Tampa International Airport may extend rent relief program for airlines, vendors 

6/3/20 | Coronavirus poses new math for Jacksonville’s restaurants that bet big before pandemic 


A selection of strategic resources from the Harvard Business Review, Tampa Bay Business Journal, Ad Exchanger, Forbes, and Inc.  

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6/8/20 How to support your remaining employees after a layoff 

Numbers as of End-of-Day 6/9/20 

There have now been 66,000 cases throughout the state of Florida and 2,765 deaths.  

Totals by county: 

Duval: 1,824 cases and 54 deaths 

Hillsborough: 2,923 cases and 93 deaths 

Orange: 2,449 cases and 45 deaths 

Manatee: 1,229 cases and 111 deaths 

Pasco: 442 cases and 15 deaths 

Pinellas: 1,679 cases and 99 deaths 

Polk: 1,243 cases and 70 deaths 

Sarasota: 694 cases and 86 deaths 

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