Economic Outlook 

Optimism about a quick economic recovery wanes as COVID-19 cases continue to rise. 

7/7/20 | Dow falls 400 points amid lingering coronavirus and economic fears 

7/7/20 | Fed’s Bostic says virus spread threatens to undermine confidence 

7/7/20 | COVID-19 relapse sinks economic optimism to crisis low 

7/6/20 | Coronavirus tracked: the latest figures as countries start to reopen  

7/6/20 | Goldman lowers economic outlook as U.S. copes with rising coronavirus cases 

7/3/20 | CBO: Coronavirus pandemic will scar U.S. labor market for the next decade 

7/2/20 | Why two months of U.S. job gains doesn’t mean the economy has rebounded from the coronavirus 

7/2/20 | Small businesses are optimistic about the future, even as they continue navigating COVID-19 

Business News 

The PPP has been extended and stimulus checks continue to be debated.  

7/7/20 | More stimulus checks now more likely, but not for everyone 

7/7/20 | CFPB revokes payday lending restrictions meant to protect borrowers  

7/6/20 | Congress gets full PPP data, while groups push to make more public 

7/6/20 | $600 federal unemployment checks to be extended? 

7/4/20 | Trump signs PPP extension bill – giving small businesses another 5 weeks 

7/2/20 | After June job gains, still a ‘deep hole’ and new worries 

Local Updates 

COVID-19 cases continue to climb throughout Florida. 

7/7/20 | DeSantis extends COVID-19 state of emergency  

7/7/20 | Florida received 48,538 COVID-19 test results yesterday. A record 16.27% were positive. 

7/7/20 | Florida COVID-19 infections near 214,000; Hillsborough infections top 15,000 

7/7/20 | St. Pete mayor warns further restrictions may be needed if coronavirus numbers don’t fall 

7/7/20 | Federal pandemic loans flow to Florida health care providers  

7/7/20 | Central Florida’s largest hospitals out of ICU beds, but say they can scale up if demand increases 

7/7/20 | Florida orders public schools to reopen 5 days a week in August 

7/7/20 | Hillsborough eases penalties on businesses that don’t enforce face mask rules 

7/7/20 | St. Augustine Beach switches from guidance to mandate for masks 

7/6/20 | Florida adds another 63 deaths as daily average trends upward 

7/6/20 | Here are the Tampa Bay companies that applied for PPP loans of $5M or more 

7/5/20 | Florida’s cases of COVID-19 top 200,000 after increasing more than 10,000 in Sunday’s report; 3,731 dead 

7/4/20 | ‘The growth is exponential’ — Florida and Texas report surge of coronavirus cases over Fourth of July 

7/4/20 | One month after second phase of reopening, Florida hits new record-high for coronavirus cases 

7/3/20 | Tampa Bay’s tourism and hospitality industry has taken a major beating from being economically hit by the COVID pandemic 

Numbers as of End-of-Day 7/7/20 

There have now been 213,794 cases throughout the state of Florida and 3,943 deaths.  

Totals by county: 

Duval: 9,835 cases and 70 deaths 

Hillsborough: 15,362 cases and 163 deaths 

Orange: 14,768 cases and 61 deaths 

Manatee: 3,890 cases and 135 deaths 

Pasco: 3,004 cases and 26 deaths 

Pinellas: 9,032 cases and 206 deaths 

Polk: 5,665 cases and 115 deaths 

Sarasota: 2,249 cases and 98 deaths 

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