Economic Outlook 

Perspectives on economic recovery are mixed, with some industries more optimistic than others.  

7/21/20 | COVID counts are up, but so are stocks. What traders are seeing. 

7/21/20 | ‘Less optimistic’ and ‘more cautious’: Top CEOs fret as virus cases rise 

7/20/20 | The End Of $600 Unemployment Benefits Will Hit Millions Of Households And The Economy 

7/17/20 | Private equity firms are optimistic for the future despite coronavirus pandemic, LCG Advisors study shows 

7/16/20 | Recession’s impacts to last “deep into 2022,” Bank of America says 

7/14/20 | Best guess on when business travel will recover? It could be years 

Business News 

Bipartisan support for an additional stimulus package renews hope for a deal before the next recess. Recent announcements reveal significant changes to Black Friday shopping, causing concern for retailers already struggling in the pandemic economy.  

7/21/20 | What Businesses Can Expect From the Phase 4 Stimulus Package 

7/21/20 | Small-business stimulus and second PPP loan at stake as Congress braces for ‘all-out sprint’  

7/21/20 | More than 6,000 stores are closing in 2020 as the retail apocalypse drags on. Here’s the full list. 

7/21/20 | Rent growth slumps to the lowest since 2010 as the coronavirus pandemic slams demand 

7/21/20 | The coronavirus outbreak has triggered unprecedented mass layoffs and furloughs. Here are the major companies that have announced they are downsizing their workforces. 

7/21/20 | Doomsday predictions about the end of Black Friday are now reality, as the pandemic threatens the most important shopping day of the year 

7/21/20 | 24 chains including Walmart, Macys, and Gap will require customers to wear masks. Here’s the full list. 

7/19/20 | New Stimulus Package—Here’s The Key Timeline 

7/19/20 | Some Companies Got Both Government Contracts and PPP Loans 

7/19/20 | Companies Set to Chronicle Troughs of the Pandemic as They Report Earnings 

Pandemic Updates 

COVID-19 cases rise in the U.S., especially in Florida, Texas, and California. New research shows that antibodies may not guarantee long-term immunity to the virus.  

7/21/20 | Trump Reboots Virus Briefings With Warning and a Shift in Tone  

7/21/20 | Coronavirus Infections Far Exceed Reported Cases, CDC Says 

7/21/20 | COVID Antibodies Fade Rapidly, Raising Risk of Lost Immunity 

7/19/20 | Global Coronavirus Deaths Surpass 600,000, With U.S. Accounting For Nearly A Quarter 

7/14/20 | Florida, Texas and California account for about one-fifth of the world’s new coronavirus cases 

Local Updates 

Florida continues to see high levels of new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths.  

7/21/20 | Florida’s 134 COVID-19 Deaths Are Second Highest Ever Reported 

7/21/20 | Hillsborough County commissioners move forward with plan to dissolve county emergency group 

7/21/20 | Tampa Bay Region Renters And Homeowners Can Apply For Rent And Mortgage Relief 

7/21/20 | Florida sees record-high coronavirus hospitalizations Tuesday 

7/20/20 | Florida Teachers Union Sues State Over Reopening Schools 

7/20/20 | Florida COVID-19 Deaths Top 5,000; Deadliest Day Yet For Pasco County 

7/20/20 | City of Jacksonville opens 3 new COVID-19 testing sites 

7/20/20 | Hillsborough’s Positive Rate For Coronavirus Reaches 15 Percent 

7/20/20 | Protestors shout at Gov. DeSantis during Orlando coronavirus update 

7/19/20 | Pinellas commissioners extend state of emergency and face mask order 

7/19/20 | State Economist: Predicted Drop In Florida Tourism Is ‘Mind-Boggling’ 

7/19/20 | For fifth day in a row, Florida logs more than 10,000 coronavirus cases 

7/18/20 | Is Another Shutdown In Store For South Florida? 

7/15/20 | Hillsborough commissioners look to take Covid-19 rulemaking away from county emergency group 

Numbers as of End-of-Day 7/21/20 

There have now been 369,834 cases throughout the state of Florida and 5,206 deaths.  

Totals by county: 

Duval: 17,544 cases and 105 deaths 

Hillsborough: 24,550 cases and 244 deaths 

Orange: 24,011 cases and 124 deaths 

Manatee: 6,871 cases and 149 deaths 

Pasco: 5,161 cases and 58 deaths 

Pinellas: 13,925 cases and 334 deaths 

Polk: 710,072 cases and 186 deaths 

Sarasota: 4,432 cases and 108 deaths 

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