Economic Outlook 

Perspectives take a less optimistic turn as cases continue to rise. 

7/28/20 | Fed Outlook Turns Gloomier as Coronavirus Spreads 

7/28/20 | U.S. Consumer Confidence Retreats on Diminished Expectations 

7/26/20 | Trump Advisers Still Touting ‘V-Shaped’ Economic Recovery 

7/24/20 | Economic Recoveries in U.S., Europe Take Diverging Paths 

7/23/20 | Rise in Weekly Unemployment Claims Points to Faltering Jobs Recovery 

Business News 

This week saw updates on PPP loan forgiveness and the Federal Reserve’s emergency lending programs. Legislators continue to work towards an additional stimulus package. 

7/28/20 | Fed Extends Emergency Lending Programs by Three Months 

7/28/20 | Coronavirus Stimulus: How the Republican and Democratic Plans Compare 

7/28/20 | U.S. Home-Price Growth Decelerated in May 

7/28/20 | Mortgage Rates Hit the 3% Wall. So Now What? 

7/27/20 | U.S. Orders for Long-Lasting Goods Gained in June 

7/24/20 | SBA sets date to open PPP loan forgiveness platform  

Pandemic Updates 

Cases rise in multiple states. Progress is reported on potential vaccines. 

7/28/20 | After Reopening, Coronavirus-Hit States Chart Their Own Paths to Close Up Again  

7/28/20 | Federal coronavirus “red zone” of severe outbreaks expands to 21 total states 

7/27/20 | U.S. Infections Rise 1%; California, Arizona Slow: Virus Update 

7/27/20 | Fauci ‘cautiously optimistic’ as coronavirus vaccination marks milestone 

7/25/20 | U.S. Coronavirus Cases Soar as 18 States Set Single-Day Records This Week 

Local Updates 

Florida continues to see high levels of new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths.  

7/28/20 | Florida Reports Record Covid-19 Deaths, Hospitalizations 

7/28/20 | Florida COVID-19 Deaths Surge Past 6,000 On Deadliest Day Yet For The Virus 

7/28/20 | Florida Matters: Getting Ready For A Pandemic Election 

7/28/20 | Statewide eviction moratorium in Florida remains as-is, expires this week 

7/28/20 | Mayor Curry ‘cautiously optimistic’ about Jacksonville’s coronavirus numbers 

7/28/20 | DeSantis extends relief from job searches for Florida’s unemployed 

7/27/20 | More than 3 million Florida jobs saved by PPP loans, analysis finds 

7/27/20 | Florida fiscal year finishes $1.9B below projections 

7/27/20 | Florida judge upholds coronavirus ordinance requiring masks 

7/27/20 | County Commissioners Enact Local Face Covering Resolution Requiring Masks to be Worn Inside Businesses in Manatee County 

7/24/20 | Florida coronavirus infections pass 400,000 with 12,444 new cases 

7/23/20 | Hillsborough Co. School Board pushes back reopening date to Aug. 24 

7/23/20 | Hillsborough County EPG meets to discuss COVID-19 impacts on children 

Numbers as of End-of-Day 7/28/20 

There have now been 441,977 cases throughout the state of Florida and 6,117 deaths.  

Totals by county: 

Duval: 20,138 cases and 146 deaths 

Hillsborough: 27,823 cases and 310 deaths 

Orange: 27,820 cases and 179 deaths 

Manatee: 8,090 cases and 158 deaths 

Pasco: 5,992 cases and 68 deaths 

Pinellas: 15,541 cases and 395 deaths 

Polk: 11,893 cases and 236 deaths 

Sarasota: 5,274 cases and 115 deaths 

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