8 Types of Content for Online PR and Marketing

Before the age of digital media, communications professionals had few options for sharing different types of content with important audiences. But in today’s world, the possibilities are almost endless.

Below are eight types of content that can help promote your company:

1. Live Streaming Video – Social media makes it very easy to reach your audience in real-time, which used to be only possible through TV. When you share live video through your phone, your followers can join the live stream or catch the highlights afterward. Covering events as they happen considerably increases your social reach and following, and you can always post more polished edited videos later.

2. Interviews – Sharing a video interview that’s personal and inspirational can win over your audience and potentially earn media from other channels.

3. Controversial content – Content on “hot” or even controversial topics can increase your website views, and social media reach. The public looks to thought leaders to shape their opinions, so publishing content that takes a stance on a trending issue can help you reach new audiences. Sharing your views also helps build a brand image around values and common interests.

4. Infographics/Timelines – It’s important to add visual content; blocks of text are boring to the eye. Infographics and informational timelines or illustrations are easy for readers to understand and add variety to your media assets. Images are also easy to share across social platforms.

5. Digital Magazines/Newsletters – If you have a strong following, creating an email newsletter or digital magazine can be a powerful tool to create top-of-mind awareness for your brand. If you use one of these tools, remember to include informational content rather than sales material. Consumers will open your newsletters only if they know they’ll learn or benefit from them.

6. Contests – Social media contests are a great way to engage consumers and gain shared online media. By offering your audience a gift, you can point their attention to other elements of your brand. Plus, social media contests aren’t expensive because word-of-mouth spreads so quickly (especially if you ask contestants to share with their friends).

7. Behind-the-Scenes Photos/Video – Showing your audience what your company is like “behind-the-scenes” will build brand trust and spread a positive brand message across social platforms.

8. Guest Blogging – Whether you’re guest blogging on another site or inviting someone to blog on your site, building an online network of thought leaders helps you quickly gain new followers. Guest blogging on other sites will help you draw viewers to your site, as will featuring guest bloggers.

Work with a specialist to incorporate these eight types of content into your online PR and marketing strategy. Talk to a Tucker/Hall consultant today to learn more about content marketing and other PR campaign strategies. Contact us!