When controversial public issues arise, groups inevitably form to advocate for their preferred outcome. Issues can include infrastructure improvements, new highways and roads, and major commercial or residential development plans. If you find your organization in the middle of one of these public debates, you need a public involvement plan to ensure the affected community understands what you’re doing and why.

Public involvement campaigns involve three general steps: identifying and targeting multiple segments and interest groups, disseminating your message through effective channels, then working with the public to develop a solution that satisfies everyone to the greatest extent possible. Though it might be counterintuitive, the first step is perhaps the most critical; you must first understand the social, economic, cultural, and political implications of the issue being debated before developing an approach to involve the public.

Tucker/Hall offers counseling for corporations and other organizations to develop effective campaigns. These include grassroots outreach, government relations, and media relations, all founded on thorough research. We’ll make sure you’re informed and responsive, and that you’re communicating with the right audiences through the right channels.

To accomplish your goals through effective public involvement, engage Tucker/Hall. For more information on this and our other public affairs services, contact Keith Rupp at (813) 228-0652 or at