PR Consulting

Developing a strong brand awareness requires consistent outreach to your community, the media, and your valued stakeholders. But to do so, you have to target these audiences and tailor your messages. The role of public relations in corporate reputation management cannot be underestimated. If you don’t have an internal public relations specialist, consider consulting with a PR professional for your firm.

A PR consultant can help you strategize for upcoming media opportunities, build relationships with community leaders, and plan for crisis events. As an ambassador for your brand, your PR consultant will be able to:

  • Prepare and distribute news releases, newsletters, and digital content to your followers.
  • Coordinate news conferences with the media.
  • Schedule reporter interviews with company executives or spokespeople.
  • Help your company manage communications in a crisis.
  • Advise your company’s executive leaders and marketing teams on effective public relations practices.
  • Provide strategic insights on your region’s demographics, influencer groups, cultural trends, and community issues.
  • Create targeted messages based on the strategic insights.
  • Serve as an advisor to your marketing specialists, aligning your public relations messaging to your brand positioning.
  • Secure partnerships with the media, nonprofit organizations, and businesses to improve community outreach efforts.
  • Organize events to promote brand awareness in the community.

You may want to hire a full-time public relations specialist, but many companies use a communications firm to handle their public relations and public affairs work. Tucker/Hall specializes in strategic planning, communications audits, media relations, brand management, crisis management, and digital public relations. We serve the needs of clients individually, starting with a conversation with your senior management to address specific issues and goals.

Tucker/Hall associates are professionally trained by the Harvard-MIT program on Negotiation and accredited by the Institute for Crisis Management. We value our clients’ success and their feedback in providing the highest value public relations consulting services in Florida. We are diverse, entrepreneurial, community-minded and work as a team to develop innovative solutions for our clients. First and foremost, we maintain the integrity of our clients. The public relies on its leadership to build a better community. Representing Florida’s best companies, we are dedicated to acting out our core values, every day and with every client.

To talk to a Tucker/Hall PR consultant, contact your local office. We would like to start the conversation with your team to address potential issues and opportunities for growth within your company. After our first discussion, we will talk to you about Tucker/Hall strategies, solutions, and next steps to succeed in your public relations campaigns. We look forward to hearing from you.