Public Relations Jobs Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville is home to some of the largest companies and fastest growing industries in Florida. Economic growth in Jacksonville and the First Coast means more small businesses and corporations need to stand out.  Many public relations firms in Jacksonville are looking for talented professionals to help their clients compete in this growing market, which means you have the opportunity to start your PR career in Jacksonville.

Public relations specialists usually pursue a Bachelor’s degree in PR, journalism or communications in to enter the field, and typically begin as interns or research assistants. Some PR professionals independently contract their services, but most prefer to work for a firm, with a team of other professionals.  Working with a PR firm provides access to tools and other knowledgeable professionals.

The most successful PR professionals typically find a speciality within the field that differentiates themselves from other job seekers. If you are considering a career in public relations, consider focusing your skillset in the following areas:

Digital media – The number one source for news and company information is the Internet. 50 percent of consumers ages 18 to 49 receive their news online and on social media platforms. Digital PR specialists take advantage of this trend by creating content that attracts attention on social and search engine platforms. Careers in digital media vary in skillset, focus, and entry level requirements.

Reputation management – All companies, big or small, face threats to their brand image. Media coverage of a poor customer experience, executive decision mistakes, or any other community blunder can cause significant declines in sales and customer opinion. PR specialists combat these challenges by advising their clients on best practices for crisis management and reputation repair. They may arrange news conferences or send news releases to address the issues, and offer strategies to avoid future crises for the company.

Public affairs – Public affairs involves communication that influences public policy.  Many times, public affairs experts can help bridge the communications gap between businesses and lawmakers. In particularly complicated matters, this can mean developing communications strategies and tactics for multiple public stakeholder groups.

Grassroots PR and community relations – PR professionals often work with community groups to advance a particular issue.  Grassroots PR can mean organizing community events, networking with other small businesses, and experiential marketing to put products directly in the hands of key consumers in a fun way.

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