Public Relations Jobs Tampa, Florida

The demand for public relations specialists is growing quickly. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is an expected six percent growth in public relations jobs between now and 2024. Florida has the fifth-highest national employment rate for PR positions in the nation. Jobs in public relations take many forms, so your career can be tailored to your individual needs and skills in communications, marketing, and journalism.

Public relations specialists serve different clients depending on their specialty. They can focus on the local community, consumers, investors, local government, or B2B. These target groups need specialized communications efforts and a PR professional who communicates regularly with their influencers.

To find your niche, consider these public relations jobs:

Crisis communications – Crisis communications and reputation management specialists work with clients to maintain and repair brand image in the face of public scrutiny. Crises within a company can occur when scandals, environmental concerns, product recalls, or tension between the public and the company bubble up. A crisis communications specialist advises company executives on how to address public concerns and develops a strategy and tactics to move the company forward.

Digital public relations – Social media and online publications are now the primary sources of news for most consumers. An online presence is not just an advantage for companies, it is a requirement for brands to reach their audience with targeted messaging and publicity. Digital PR specialists learn to create search engine optimized content, including articles, videos, images, and websites. They also promote their work through online search engines and social media.

Public affairs specialists – Many companies want to interact with government agencies whether it’s to influence public policy or to conduct contractual business. Public affairs specialists work to help companies navigate that space between private and public enterprise. Public affairs work also includes advocating for certain positions to change public policy.

Community outreach – Public relations specialists may want to reach target audiences through community interest groups. Public relations professionals who specialize in community outreach can promote local events for organizations, and network with community influencers to create positive buzz. “Community” can be either a member of a small geographic area, a specific interest group, or a sector of online social circles.

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