Quantitative Research

At the core of all communications and marketing initiatives is a solid understanding of your market.  Tucker/Hall provides all kinds of market research, customized to your organization and situation.  Basic market research includes reviewing consumer trends, market share data, national and international spending metrics.  We gather and analyze this data from government and industry reports, employment and spending trends, and we frequently leverage third-party databases.

In addition, we offer the additional marketing research:

Customer surveys. – Structured survey systems can be implemented to measure customer loyalty and satisfaction, market trends, opportunities and threats, and ideas for new products and services.  Survey systems can be built to measure trends (quarterly, annual) across all of your markets, and to benchmark performance of specific markets and establishments against trends.

Competitive landscape. – Relative strengths and weaknesses of competing firms and solutions from the perspective of customers.  This will be developed by analyzing competitor websites, advertisements and media, and evaluation of market publications, trade journals, and other materials to determine their strategies, messages, strengths and weaknesses.

Meta-analysis. – Published literature research, and combined insights from existing market studies and reports from Federal and private research sources.  We have worked with numerous industry research institutes and market research repositories, and have access to large-scale research insights which can be combined and integrated for specific insights regarding customer behavior, competitors, technology trends, and opportunities.

Strategy and message testing. – Internet panels or surveys testing A:B alternatives or reactions to messages and visuals can provide statistically valid, solid confirmation of tactics and test against unexpected consumer reactions.  This method is frequently applied for refining tactics and strategies.

Economic and demographic studies. – Profile your customers and markets combining private and public data.