Litigation Preparation Support

Class action lawsuits can be devastating to a company. The expense, the time, and the threat to brand reputation hurt regardless of the final outcome. You cannot effectively operate your company and handle a legal dispute without litigation preparation and support. Tucker/Hall can provide a communications strategy that supports your legal position but also focuses on protecting your company’s long-term reputation in the public eye.

Public opinion of your company may change regardless of the final litigation results. Recovery from such a legal crisis is a long-term process, one which requires you to develop a communications plan beforehand. After the legal matter is resolved, you may need to rebuild trust in your different audiences, including the media. Reporters can move quickly in a crisis, and you may need to move quickly too. Tucker/Hall’s crisis experts can help you navigate these treacherous waters.

Crisis management plans prepare you to communicate directly with the public and with the media, to ensure your message is well received. While your legal team works to create a compelling case to protect your company in the court of law, your public relations partners should communicate that same message to external audiences to ensure you protect your reputation in the court of public opinion.

A litigation preparation team will develop a communications plan to support your organization during the entire legal process. Crises can put a strain on your leadership team, therefore it is crucial to have additional communications experts to provide strategy and insights. This includes working with the media to provide factual information that helps your organization effectively communicate its position.

Tucker/Hall specializes in communications support for litigation. Our advisors will work closely with your legal team to strategize a holistic communication plan. We help our clients through product liability cases, discrimination and harassment claims, IP protection cases, environmental issues, and bankruptcy. We advocate for our clients’ fair representation in the media and promise to follow the highest standards of integrity when representing or advising your team.

Our public relations specialists and your legal team will work together to solve complex issues and keep your long-term brand reputation intact. Contact a Tucker/Hall professional today to learn more about our litigation preparation and support process.