Tucker/Hall tests your crisis management team and improves internal operations with interactive crisis planning drills. We prepare your team in stress test scenarios that provide hands-on experience in responding to a crisis effectively. When you’re in the midst of a company disaster or facing scrutiny from the media, you will be prepared with the Tucker/Hall team coaching you. A crisis management plan is not useful unless your team knows how to effectively implement it without panic or frustration.

We coach executives and crisis management teams with realistic tabletop exercises that simulate crises your organization may face. Our exercises range from minor employee discrepancies to major natural disasters. Executives, spokespersons and department managers should be involved in these exercises as best practice.

However, these drills can be performed at all levels of the company. Entry level employees are often the ones who interact with the public, so they should be prepared in addition to senior management. Tucker/Hall can work with and train all employees so your organization is ready no matter where the crisis hits.

Crisis planning drills can find gaps in your crisis communications plans.  You cannot always plan ahead, but with practice you will be able to make better decisions for your company, its stakeholders, and the public. The best prepared teams are those that know how to implement a crisis plan, and make smart strategic decisions to help protect the company’s long-term reputation.

Stress tests also evaluate your employees’ understanding of their role and their ability to execute the plan. Some may need more training to handle communications, react quickly, and preparation in handling stress or anxiety in a crisis. We will evaluate your team members’ strengths to put them in the roles that will best suit them. We will also provide training for your executives to manage your crisis communications team to ensure your reputation is under control.

Stress tests can have secondary benefits to your organization, including improve day-to-day team communication and coordination. A team that undergoes a crisis drill together is typically better able to handle minor work discrepancies.

Tucker/Hall associates will work one-on-one with your crisis management team, as well as other key employees to develop management skills and establish confidence to manage future issues. We believe that a strong foundation of company trust and collaborative efforts enable a company to recover faster and even improve after a reputational threat. Practice enables excellence, which is what we aim for with every Tucker/Hall client. Contact us today to learn more about stress tests and crisis planning drills.