Jacksonville News Sources

Jacksonville is Florida’s biggest city by population and the nation’s largest by landmass. In order to stay on top of what is happening in this large market, business owners need to stay informed with daily news. Below are the six largest and most prominent news media outlets for Jacksonville and Duval County:

News4Jax WJXT4 – WJXT has been on the air for more than 60 years as a daily news and entertainment TV station. They cover local and national news as an independent TV station. Their website and e-newsletters also cover consumer reports and information, sports, health and wellness, and community issues.

First Coast News – First Coast News covers local news, politics, sports, and weather as both an ABC and NBC affiliate — known in the TV industry as a duopoly. First Coast News has multiple newsletter lists for local news, weather, cooking, entertainment, and promotional material.

Action News Jax – Action News Jax is also a duopoly, covering news, weather and sports in the Jacksonville market as both a CBS and Fox affiliate. They have the market’s only news helicopter, which launched in May of 2016.

Florida Times-Union – The Florida Times-Union is Jacksonville’s largest print publication. They cover all local and national news, political updates, and trending business interests. In addition, they have mobile apps for weather, sports, and business news. The Florida Times-Union website offers local consumers real estate listings and local store sales.

Daily Record – The Jacksonville Daily Record is Duval County’s local business magazine and journal. They focus content on finance and business advice but provide business resources including public notices and downtown economic development information. The Daily Record has been a publisher of business news for more than a hundred years and is a reputable source for industry news and local business listings.

Jacksonville Business Journal – The Jacksonville Business Journal is a business-focused publication and online resource. The Jacksonville Business Journal organizes a number of awards ceremonies each year.  They also provide information on growing economic trends and businesses, feature top corporations and entrepreneurs and offer detailed sections of industry trends.