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A Plan Is Better Than Hope

You can’t hope your way out of a hurricane. Neither can you hope yourself out of a pandemic, civil unrest, a failure of your company’s quality assurance protocols or an unexpected leadership team change. However, you can make plans. This might seem like common sense. But if it is, then…
Keith Rupp
September 7, 2021
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The Value of “Good Data” for Communicators

The word "data" is often thrown around in business settings, conveying a desire of solid judgment, urgency or innovation. However, without thoughtful collection, analysis, and review, data really isn’t much help. Especially when dealing with complex and unpredictable topics like communications, it’s important to understand where data can make a positive and actionable…
Lauren Ellis
January 25, 2021
Business Strategy

Making Improvements in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in 2021

The events of 2020 painfully revealed how much work lies before our society to make the concepts of diversity, equity, and inclusion, often abbreviated as DEI, a reality in our workplaces and other community institutions. Your team can make tangible progress toward these goals in 2021 by prioritizing them in the strategic planning that takes place as the new year unfolds. Here are three ways to start improving DEI in your organization:  1. Assess your current efforts to…
Darren Richards
December 28, 2020
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Giving Tuesday in a Pandemic Economy: Help Giving Tuesday Give to You

Last year, nonprofits raised over $1.9 billion on Giving Tuesday, with $511 million of that coming from online sources. This year, Giving Tuesday is on December 1 and, as with nearly everything else this year, it will likely look different than in past years. Because Giving Tuesday is typically a central part of nonprofits’ end-of-year campaigns, low returns could prove detrimental to charities already facing the arduous…
Darren Richards
November 16, 2020
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The Basics of Social Media Advertising

While high-quality organic social media content is valuable for building your brand and communicating on behalf of your organization, paid social media with a well-crafted targeting strategy will ensure that content reaches the right people. Even with a small budget of just $10 a day, you can significantly amplify your posts within an existing audience or reach new viewers altogether.   Facebook and Instagram  Most people allocate a significant portion of…
Darren Richards
August 24, 2020