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If you’re a human resource professional or in a leadership position at a business, you have probably wondered how you could breathe new life into your working environment.

“Company culture” is the term used to describe the intangibles of the workplace—things like how people interact with one another, the type of conversations that typically take place, the activities and traditions that employees engage in together, etc. If you feel your business needs to improve its culture, below are a few quick tips that could help you build a more creative environment.

The Workspace

One of the most critical aspects of developing a new work culture is to modify the physical office space itself to support that new culture. For example, an office composed simply of rows of cubicles is probably a bit stagnant. On the other hand, an office space with open hallways, cozy break areas, and expansive windows can breed creativity.

Rewarding Feedback

For employees to be creative, they need to feel their opinions matter. Therefore, it is vital to allow employees to share their ideas on enhancing the office or provide feedback on improving company workflow and productivity. But don’t stop there. Encourage your employees to take their pictures and put them into action—and make sure to give them the proper tools and resources.

It’s Okay To Disagree

While it may seem counterintuitive, you might be surprised to find that disagreement among employees is a good thing. This “creative tension” encourages people to expand their horizons and develop creative ideas. However, make sure the conversations stay productive and avoid getting into any personal issues.

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