Brand Analysis Management

Your company’s brand is everything your customers and other audiences experience while interacting with your organization. But in this digital age, what does your online presence say about your brand, and does it meet your expectations?

Tucker/Hall associates are experts in digital branding and positioning your company in this space.

We can help you navigate the following brand challenges:

Redefining target markets. Online efforts can provide incredible insight into who is engaging with your brand, when they are most active, and how to interact with you and your competition. Tucker/Hall analyzes your brand’s effectiveness in targeting specific demographics and consumer profiles. We then improve your strategy or develop a new approach.

Analyzing competitive brands. You can learn a lot from your competition online. They can help you understand what is trending, and what is missing the mark. Tucker/Hall will search through hundreds of local, national, and international competitors to improve your efforts and utilize only the strategies that prove to be effective. We want you one step ahead of the competition in every aspect of your digital presence.

Expanding online assets. Branded graphics, content, and online offerings add value to your digital presence and reputation. We build custom content and digital assets for your brand to reach a variety of niches on the market. Each online user will be drawn to a different media format, so we plan for a comprehensive content plan and additional online assets that build traffic to your sites.

Strengthening online communications. The best way for you to promote your brand online is to communicate with your audience in the mediums they are most accustomed to receiving updates. Social media, email, SMS, and web content are the primary, but not the only ways to communicate your message to followers. Tucker/Hall can help you strategize and implement a variety of online communication platforms to help you reach those who want to engage in your brand.

Updating your online positioning. Online information changes constantly. If your brand is out of date online, you need to get it up to speed quickly to make sure you don’t lose your audience. We perform SEO audits and comprehensive plans to position your brand in a positive manner towards potential fans. Tucker/Hall associates will ensure your online presence reflects the right image and message.

If you have any questions about how Tucker/Hall can help to improve your brand analysis and management services please feel free to reach out to: Theresa Collington | 813 228-0652 ext. 1118 | 727-434-1196 (cell)