Digital Advertising Evaluation Management

You can make a strong argument that today’s most prominent marketing platform is the internet. Research shows many people prefer to receive ads and content through email, social platforms, and their search engines. But penetrating the market using these platforms without the knowledge and proper tools can be difficult at best. Digital advertising runs on a completely different landscape than traditional advertising. The only way to reach the right audience with your message is through strategic digital ads and performance management.

Tucker/Hall evaluates our clients’ current ads to determine changes and next steps for more effective brand awareness and conversion campaigns. We work with search engine, social media, and email marketing specialists to develop targeted ads for clients’ individual messaging and brand image. No two Tucker/Hall digital advertising programs are the same.

Here are some digital advertising strategies Tucker/Hall uses to ensure clients receive the best value for their ads and digital branding:

AdWords and PPC – Search ads are seen at the top and on the right margin of search engine results pages. Most of these ads are paid for by the traffic they generate (pay-per-click). AdWords are a primary way for you to target online users who are searching for the topics which your brand advocates. Tucker/Hall associates will thoroughly research which keywords will gain the most traffic for your website, and place bids on these words to generate optimal level of high-quality traffic.

Social Media Ads – The most visited websites today are social networking sites. Social media platforms are a prime place for you to engage and communicate directly with your followers. However, the organic reach of social profiles continues to decrease as more businesses opt to pay for their share of social views. In a world where you have to “pay to play,” you need an experienced social media management team to help you target and convert your best potential followers.

Display Ads – Display ads differ from AdWords in that they appear not on the search engine results page, but on other frequently visited websites such as blogs and review sites. Display ads are tailored to a user’s search history, the content of the site in which it is presented, and where the ad should display on the page layout itself. Tucker/Hall manages your campaign’s bidding and designs ads optimized to engage your target audience.

Email Campaigns – Online consumers report their preferred place to receive offers and promotions. Email campaigns present your content right at the top of your target audience’s inbox, implying significant value to those who engage. Tucker/Hall manages email campaigns to generate more clicks and conversions on your site. Let professionals promote your brand through email awareness and advocacy campaigns.

The best digital advertising strategies integrate all of these techniques after an evaluation shows strengths and weaknesses in your online presence. To learn more about how Tucker/Hall drives traffic and promotes a healthy, positive brand image for its clients, please reach out to Theresa Collington at 813-228-0652 ext. 1118 or