Digital efforts are a critical element of any public affairs plan as more and more people get their news and information from digital platforms. You can take your important messages directly to your audiences so they hear about issues directly from you.

Tucker/Hall offers innovative and effective digital public affairs solutions. Our offerings include:

  • Voter Engagement Systems – Electronic systems and advocacy campaigns to encourage voters to take action.
  • Electronic Town Halls – Meet and discuss important issues with your community via digital communications. Gain support by communicating to a wider segment of the population.
  • SMS Campaigns – Mobile is the preferred method of communication for a growing population. Gain support for your campaign or organization by directly communicating your message to them via text.
  • Community and Influencer (social terrain) Mapping – Understand your company’s territory in terms of the social, political, cultural, economic, and consumer realities. We conduct demographic and cultural studies to target your community influencers and supporters.
  • Grassroots and Netroots Campaigns – Communicate to your supporters and brand advocates where they are searching for media, and in the communities in which they are actively involved.
  • Online Community Building – People are most likely to seek community events and opinions through online search before engaging in a grassroots campaign. Recruit your own followers and influencers in an online community.

Tucker/Hall collaborates with you to create compelling messages that engage supporters and motivate them to act. No one knows your organization better than you do, which is why we work with your staff to ensure the digital solutions we provide match your vision and values.

In high-stakes public affairs matters, you want a team by your side to help you navigate the changing terrain. We don’t give our clients simple, standard solutions to complex problems. We ensure that you have a plan of action that takes into consideration all the varying factors.

If you have any questions about how Tucker/Hall can help to improve your digital strategy please feel free to reach out to Theresa Collington | 813 228-0652 ext. 1118 | 727-434-1196 (cell)