SEO Evaluation Management

Work with professional web analysts to discover the power of SEO evaluation and management. Tucker/Hall performs in-depth website evaluations to improve upon existing practices and create powerful search engine optimization campaigns for best results. We utilize the most current SEO practices to compete with the highest-traffic competitor websites to bring your campaign to the top.

What you’ll gain when partnering with Tucker/Hall for SEO Evaluation and Management:

Technical website audit. Website position on the search engine results page can be affected by technical errors on your site’s landing and subsequent pages. Issues such as broken links, defective page elements, and page errors can negatively affect your website’s ranking on top search engines like Yahoo and Google. The specialists at Tucker/Hall will conduct a thorough website audit for technical errors, and advise your IT professionals so errors can be minimized.

Link building and keyword analytics. Search engines use a variety of ways to determine which pages should be on the top results page. When users type in a keyword or key phrase, the search engine will look for pages with similar words, phrases, and sites with other pages linking back to them. Tucker/Hall conducts thorough keyword research and analysis to determine which words and phrases will gain the most web traffic, and will create a strategy to earn links from other credible sites to yours.

Custom content for your site. Once you’ve determined which keywords will drive the most traffic, you can influence your SEO rankings by creating valuable, keyword-rich content. This not only attracts the search engines but attracts other websites to link to yours. Tucker/Hall associates will create an SEO strategy to create content that is high-value keyword and inbound link friendly.

SEO monitoring. Search engine optimization is not a “one and done” process. You must constantly update and monitor your website to show your content is fresh and accurate. Tucker/Hall provides up-to-date reports on your website to show how your campaign is performing, in terms of traffic increase, social shares, and SERP position. We adjust and improve as we go to ensure you have the highest-performing website of other competitors in your market.

If you have any questions about how Tucker/Hall can help to improve your digital strategy please feel free to reach out to Theresa Collington | 813 228-0652 ext. 1118 | 727-434-1196 (cell)