You are currently viewing 5 Trends in PR To Help You Stay Ahead in 2017

With technology and digital media changing at rapid rates, it’s hard to know how to best communicate in this environment.

Here are five trends in public relations to keep you ahead:

Traditional news releases are going “out of style.” Before it was acceptable to simply blanket all journalists with a standard news release. While this can still be effective, you might consider different kinds of outreach. For example, share your news directly through your own digital channels—such as Facebook and LinkedIn. You can also share your company news directly to a key reporter or editor, letting them know they can write exclusively about this news. Once a story is written, you can amplify it through your website and social channels.

Many stories are best told through video. Video content is more important than ever before. Research shows that well-produced video content is easier to understand and more effective in getting your message across.

Video is also expected to comprise nearly 75 percent of online content in 2017. Communications professionals need to use video to share important client news.

Reputation management will become even more important. You are who Google says you are. Whether it’s a local news story that ranks high in Google search results or an online review from one of your customers—content that ranks high in search engines defines your company’s reputation. You need to monitor this closely, and address any online reputation issues as soon as you see them.

SEO and web analytics are becoming integrated into Public Relations. Before, search engine optimization was mostly the job of your marketing team. But increased accessibility to analytics from online search and social media, an SEO campaign can also track the company’s overall communications efforts. The data gathered from SEO will tell you what messages and content are working and what might be missing the mark.

Native advertising and contributor marketing tactics are becoming more common. Having your name mentioned across other online platforms by well-known bloggers and leaders in your industry will boost your search engine rankings and allow your communications to reach a wider audience.