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In this tumultuous time of coronavirus, leading your organization with purpose and vision is more important than ever. Make sure you’re keeping sight of your most important goals and constantly working to fulfill them.

Your goals should include both readiness for COVID’s potential impact on your organization, building resilience of your team, and effective business continuity. Ongoing discussions should consider: 

  • The potential impacts on your business and the key indicators you will use to measure them;
  • Having an effective alert system in place to stay atop local, regional and worldwide developments and take them into consideration in your daily decision making and communications;
  • Whether your business continuity program is sufficient to address this kind of crisis, and if not, what you need to do now to shore it up;
  • Whether your vendors and business partners have COVID-19 response plans, and what they are;
  • Staying in regular communication with your business partners;
  • Preparing to keep the business on track if there is an outbreak among your employees;
  • What percent of your employees can work from home, and if they have the right equipment and network access to telework;
  • The protections you need to provide for your employees to continue working if you have an essential business;
  • The costs and benefits of postponing or canceling large meetings.

With these things in mind, move forward with calm resolve. While the pandemic will undoubtedly affect your business, taking the above into consideration will help soften the blow and recover more quickly.

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