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Tampa, Fla. (Sep. 15, 2011) – Chairman of Tucker/Hall Inc. Tom Hall releases Ruthless Focus, a book that helps conceptualize business strategies and shows examples of many successful companies.

In Ruthless Focus, Tom Hall and Wally Bock share the stories of more than 25 businesses. Stories are how we learn best, and stories are the best medium for showing us what works and what doesn’t without limiting our creativity with too many rules.

Here are just a few of the stories you’ll find in Ruthless Focus:

  • How Malcolm McLean came up with an idea that would change the world. You’ll learn what he had to do to turn that idea into a profitable business.
  • How Nucor went from being a car company to making nuclear test equipment to becoming the technology and profit leader in the steel business. You’ll find out why there’s a pile of bad ideas at every Nucor plant.
  • How Atkins and Pearce has stayed successful in the American textile business for almost 200 years. You’ll learn what six things they expect from every employee.
  • How Avnet put together two long runs of acquisitions over almost a century. You’ll learn what three business basics they think are crucial.

The book also discusses highly innovative growth companies like Amazon, Keller-Williams, and Tara.

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